Rebooting from zero

I’ve been a bit inactive around here lately, so I thought it was a good moment now to put some type of website back up – although it’s simple. Some people have been asking for this, so it is for you as well.

I have a few ideas what I want to do here, and I guess it will evolve as it goes on. Whatever is on my mind in here. A separate code section for snippets I come across and other useful things I build that I want to share with you. Perhaps a few free surprises too.

This site and a twitter account is where you’ll find me on the web now. Restarting from zero in more ways than one.

That’s about it!

Written by:Alexander Agnarson

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  1. chasonma says:

    your theme very nice!
    For a newcomer, I learned a lot of code from the theme.

  2. Denise says:

    Love your theme! I’m having problems using the short codes for columns. I’m using Chrome on a Mac. Is that the problem? Otherwise, can you please help me troubleshoot this? I copy and paste the code, but columns are not appearing – just the code. What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much.

  3. Although I use blogger but I very like your WordPress themes.

    I share them with my friends!

  4. busayo says:

    GOD bless you for the theme

  5. Jhay says:

    Hi. Was checking my inactive site for new themes when I stumbled upon your blog. The theme was so cool and simple but stunning. Is there a possible way to download or purchase it? TIA

    Keep up what you doing!

    Jhay, Philippines

  6. Chantha says:

    Thanks Alexander Agnarson, you are so great theme maker for all people around the world. I love it. It is so easy and make me feel happy with it.

    Best, Chantha

  7. Pete says:

    Just want to say I’m loving your two themes that you’ve put up. So much so I’ve used one for my blog. Keep doing what you are doing 🙂

  8. saed saadat says:

    Hi, I have never seen a nice theme like this, simple, clean and gourges. It`s too hot. Lovely…

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