How to update your theme to the latest version available

Keeping your theme up to date is a good idea if you want all of the latest features and bugfixes. The current version number can be seen in the top right corner of the theme page. If your own theme version is older than this, you should update. Here is how:

First off, if you haven’t used a child theme for your theme customizations, you need to do the following before anything else:

  1. Backup your custom.css file
  2. Backup your custom language files
  3. Backup all custom code you’ve added in theme files

If you’ve used a child theme you don’t need to worry about losing any changes.

Next step – how to upload it: You can do one of the following:

  • Delete the current (parent) theme in the admin panel, upload the new zip file via admin and activate it
  • Delete the current theme folder via ftp and upload the new one
  • Change the old theme folder name to eg. theme-old via FTP, then upload the new zip via admin or FTP

Your admin panel settings will be saved, so you don’t have to worry about them. You may need to press save once in Theme Options for the settings to be re-added.

And there you go, you now run the latest version of the theme!

Written by:Alexander Agnarson

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    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for this amazing guide on updating themes. I’ve been encountering some problems when I tried to update the theme on my site ( ). But your guide definitely helped me fix some problems and update my theme. It was a success.


  3. How to Delete the current (parent) theme in the admin panel

  4. Bisesa says:

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    I’m looking for a simple theme like:, can you help me.

  6. thanks a million Alexander Agnarson
    great theme and great feature

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