Hueman finds a new home

Hueman theme development is changing! Nicolas of presscustomizr, who made the well-known Customizr theme, is taking over the development of Hueman. This is a well-timed change as now requires theme options to be in the Customizer panel only – an area Nicolas knows well.

2 years of updates, 750 000 downloads, 70 000+ active theme installations and 411 5-star reviews makes Hueman the second most/best reviewed theme on, only behind Customizr. That is something to be proud of!

The theme is in as good hands as it could possibly be for the future, and I look forward to see new updates.

Also, I would like to give a special shoutout to Bruce Brown (bdbrown) who is doing an incredible amount of work in the support forums, answering all questions over there. You are awesome.

Got any questions? Feel free to drop a comment down below.

This change does not affect my other themes in any way.

Written by:Alexander Agnarson

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  1. Calvin Lam says:

    First of all, I’ve been using Hueman full and it’s just awesome, love it! Thanks so much for your work. I’m a newbie and want some pointers please – Should I migrate now to the WP Lite ver + the Addons? I saw instructions for new install, but can you please give me some instructions for migrating ? Much appreciated.

  2. Tikshuv-ccna says:

    Hello ALEX!

    Your theme is awsome!! really thank you so much!

    My host said he updated the php version from 5.5 to php 7.0, somehow after the upgrade the site is down. the host said the theme doesn’t support php 7.0.

    What can I do if I want it will work with Hueman theme?

    thanks !

  3. Clint says:

    Hello Alexander,

    One thing I like about your theme is how the theme options is easily customizable. It allows me to add on to it.

    Currently I need to have a child theme that has a unique theme-options.php & dynamic-styles.php. I am unsure how to remove the action it is connected to and place it back in.

    Have you ever done anything like this?



  4. Vasily says:

    I dont understand how header adds works in Firefox. There is no problem in Chrome, but Firefox dont display header widgets…

  5. Alex says:

    I have just started using Hueman and Being Hueman, and (as an old blogger just coming over to WP) I have to say I am really impressed. Just a few tweaks and my site will be pretty much ready. Thanks Alex and Nicolas

  6. con says:

    Hi Alexander,
    I start to build a blog and choose your template, but before i go any further with development I wonder if there is a way to translate this template, the menutoptext Follow an More are still english and i need to translate it to Dutch, i cannot figure out where to do that possible?

  7. Aznews says:

    I’m sad, too bad that he does not update the template. I also have to thank you for what you did. Thx Alx

  8. Pcimoe says:


  9. I already have a header ad added on my blog, and I wanted to change it. I forgot where to do it. Help.

  10. marikamitsos says:

    Hello Alex and thank you for an excellent theme and all your work !!!
    I do understand the theme is now in the hands of Nicolas.
    Still, when you had support of your theme there were some excellent support answers among the comments of the page. Anyway of getting those back?

    It would be great i we could still have access to them somehow. You could probably put the page back up and keep the comments closed with a notice that the whole support has moved. Could you please see to it?

    thanks again,

  11. 薛二喜 says:

    Thank you for the author
    Thank you for updating this great theme.

  12. Carlos says:

    I love this theme, I miss only one thing: sharing the posts by email or WhatsApp. Is that option will be added in future updates?

    Thank you very much and congratulations on your work.

  13. Tam says:

    What a new. I have passed 6 months to choose your hueman theme for our blog academics plateform. And i have choose it for many reasons and one was the durability… Now 700 (on 2700) of our blogs use Hueman (lite because only this one was on SVN) and I hope the durability will be ok.
    We have search to cantact you to make a donation to thanks you (contact form site + twitter), but without answer, we have bought Magaziner (we don’t need this theme but it was the only way to make something).
    So a bihg thanks Alexander and Welcome to Nicolas. Nicolas, i trust you ! 🙂

    • Nicolas says:

      Hi Michel, wow 700 blogs ! Impressive.

      Thanks for your trust :). I know what reliability and trust mean when it comes to WordPress theme.

      The Customizr theme ( which I’m the developer of ) is used by 100K + websites. It gets frequent updates with almost no impact on the exisiting user base. We’ve gained a lot of experience thanks to the user’s feedbacks. We now have a thorough test workflow on various hosting environments, and on the most popular devices and browsers, to make sure each update is safe for all single users.

      The same kind of test process will be applied for the future Hueman updates. This is actually our main concern and focus !

      The next Hueman update will be released in the coming weeks. It will be mainly about moving the settings from the current option page to the customizer, as required by the theme repository. This change won’t impact your existing settings and front-end design. This will simply be a new way to design the theme in live preview. My goal is to propose the best possible user experience when designing the Huema theme from the customizer.

      Cheers !

  14. Bahadir says:

    Thanks for the effort, I have been using Hueman in my blog for ages.

  15. Sebastian says:

    I am still not sure if I understand correctly what this means for “full” version users. Will the next upgrade to the “official” new Hueman break a lot of things. What will I lose? I use the Video custom post format, I use a custom head, background image, etc. Will the new maintainer post some sort of FAQ for that? The documentation is taken directly from the alxmedia site, so it clearly reflects the “full” version….

    • Nicolas says:

      Hi Sebastian, this is Nicolas. I’m the developer who is taking over the development of the Hueman theme.

      In the coming weeks, all additional features available in the “Full Version” will be moved into a free plugin on, and handled as addons to the Hueman theme.

      My dev team and I want to make this transition process as smooth as possible for all users. We’ll make sure of course that all your existing settings from the “Full” are kept. This is my main concern and be sure that nothing will be broken. 🙂

      When the plugin will be ready, you’ll simply need to switch from Hueman “Full” to Hueman “Lite” (available on + the addons plugin (will also be available on

      I’ll publish a post on and a note on Github once the plugin is ready.

      Cheers 🙂

      • rudra says:

        Thnks for clarifying & will there be more features Magazine page layout or News ticker…that would be great .as i am using for News based website..a news ticker will certainly be great

      • Sebastian says:

        Hi. Thank you so much for clarifying. The additional fields for custom post formats, and some other settings, I hope nothing breaks when switching. That’s the main concern 🙂

      • Derek says:

        Hello I just downloaded the full version on github and it is not loading properly on wordpress. It talks about an illegal string offset “background Image”. Should I just be using the lite version and then using the Child to edit it?

  16. Hi Alex .
    Thanks for this great free theme

  17. Will this have any implications for Magaziner and some of your other these as well?

  18. Francesco says:

    Thank you Alex for this amazing theme. I am sad to see hueman go from these pages, but I was positively surprised to be redirected to the presscustomizr website. I have used their customizr theme on a project and it’s a great framework, developed with style, class and love. As you said, hueman couldn’t have found a better home.
    Best of luck on your future plans.
    Thanks again for the amazing work.

  19. yallaman says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for this great free theme and all your hard work so far.

    Two important questions:

    1) You write that “ now requires theme options to be in the Customizer panel only”.

    Does that mean that the latest full version, i.e. Hueman 2.2.5, is NOT compatible with the latest WordPress release, i.e. 4.4?

    2) Would it be possible for you or Nicolas/presscustomizr to offer a list of differences between the full version and the “lite” version? Is the new version less “lite” and more “full” than before?

    I’m running the full (albeit not the latest) version of Hueman on my blog, and I have to think about downgrading to (or, rather, install) the version if development on the full version stops. It depends on whether the process is hassle-free and how many features are missing compared to the full version. I would prefer to continue to use the full version, though.

    • Alexander says:

      Hi there!

      1) It means that the theme reviewers simply want the options in that specific area of the WordPress admin panel. The theme options, as they are right now, will work just fine with future updates.

      2) The missing features from the “lite” version are these:

      • Theme Options > General > custom.css option
      • Theme Options > Styling > Background image
      • Theme Options > Blog > Single — Share Bar
      • Theme Options > Blog > Single — Scrollable Share Bar
      • Theme Options > Blog > Twitter Username
      • Theme Options > Header > Header Image
      • Custom fields for post formats
      • Basic shortcodes
      • custom.css */ comments /* in style.css and dynamic-styles.php

      The latest lite version has no more or no less features, it’s just kept up to date with the full version.

      The full version is available on GitHub (Download ZIP).

  20. Hello Alex,

    Thank you for developing Hueman, must be hard to part with this theme.
    You’ve got serious developing skills. Together with Anew, it’s about the only theme I feel comfortable using.

    I hope Nicolas takes good care of it, just like you did all of these years.

  21. Hi Alex,

    Since April 2015, I use for the website the Hueman theme and his child theme. I have your last update of this theme (the 2.2.5) and with this new change I have an interrogation.

    The news developper, Nicolas, seems used the WordPress version because in his website the version of Hueman theme is 1.5.7. Do you know if he will keep the two version and how we could take the future update ?

    (Excuse me for my bad english I’m a french webmaster)

    Thank for your answer 🙂

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