Hueman finds a new home

Hueman theme development is changing! Nicolas of presscustomizr, who made the well-known Customizr theme, is taking over the development of Hueman. This is a well-timed change as now requires theme options to be in the Customizer panel only – an area Nicolas knows well.

2 years of updates, 750 000 downloads, 70 000+ active theme installations and 411 5-star reviews makes Hueman the second most/best reviewed theme on, only behind Customizr. That is something to be proud of!

The theme is in as good hands as it could possibly be for the future, and I look forward to see new updates.

Also, I would like to give a special shoutout to Bruce Brown (bdbrown) who is doing an incredible amount of work in the support forums, answering all questions over there. You are awesome.

Got any questions? Feel free to drop a comment down below.

This change does not affect my other themes in any way.

Written by:Alexander Agnarson

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  1. Kaashi Tech says:

    Your theme is very helpfull.Very informative. Thank you so much buddy

  2. Dean says:

    I’m still using old 2.1.9 version and still works well except for option tree bugs. I’ve made customization to the theme and now the wordpress version is far different which I like version 2.19 most. Is there version 2.2.x or higher but not too far? I need to debug the optio tree, since I couldn’t find it on google

  3. Fabricio says:

    Really amazing theme thanks for sharing!

  4. simone says:

    has some features that I always liked to use in my business, and in that theme I found them all and a little more. Thanks

  5. roberto says:

    Hello. I bought the hueman pro version, the theme is really very nice compliments, but there is not much difference with the free one. I thought there was some more in place with the post of the grids. could you thank the images of the posts in the foreground ?. On the home page is there any widgets to post? thank you

  6. I really liked this theme. Excellent!

  7. Carla says:

    excellent theme it is very good!

  8. Moh says:

    Your theme is nice.
    Can you create a pagebuiler like sahifa or jarida in next versions?

  9. Hi Alexander!

    I really like this theme! Nice job and blog!

  10. Milin says:

    Hi Alex,

    I have downloaded Hueman Child theme and installed it with its demo content.
    I am new in the wp development so just want to ask you that, how to change the home/front page display content?
    Want to display the post below the featured slider from a particular category.
    If you can help, it will be grateful to me.



  11. Robert says:

    Hi Alex, thanks so much for this amazing theme. I get a lot of comments on it by people wanting to know what I’m using. I’m actually using a child theme of Hueman 2.2.5 and I started noticing Nicolas had taken over and begun to release version 3.x. I’ve not made the move over just yet, but having found this post just now and reading Nicolas’ posts as well I think I should be safe to move over to 3.x at some point. However I didn’t want to move over before saying “thank you” for all your hard work leading up to this point. It’s a great theme and thank for the documentation and making child themes easy for a WordPress newbie like me!

  12. gypp says:

    Alex,你好!非常感谢你为这个世界创造的主题,you make the world more beautiful!

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