Moving to the live customizer

As OptionTree has not been updated for 2 years, and more and more move away from a theme admin panel to the WordPress live customizer, I’ve decided to do the same with all of my themes. Thanks to Kirki and Aristeides Stathopoulos this is possible. All free themes are as of today already running the updated code with the live customizer, so go ahead and try it out!

The premium themes are going to be converted as well after I receive a bit more feedback on the free themes, to make sure that it’s a smooth experience.

Please note that when you make this change however, your settings will be reset and you will have to recreate for example sidebars and social links – there is no way around this. The basic shortcodes that were included before have also been removed to fit theme standards. They may make a comeback as a plugin later on.

For the custom meta fields, which is used for the theme’s page/post-specific layouts, sidebars and optional heading/subheading field, you now need a required plugin: Meta Box. Once installed, you will see the same old fields appearing in the WordPress editor as before.

I hope you guys will like these updates. Now go ahead and customize your theme live!

Written by:Alexander Agnarson

2 Responses

  1. SuzuKube says:

    Wow ! You’re support is awesome 🙂 ! I will give it a try, even if i’m afraid if it broke my website, because I customized a lot the theme 🙂 !

    • Alexander says:

      Nicely customized site! Looks awesome 🙂

      Be careful with the update and make sure to have everything backed up in case it goes wrong. Looks like you spent a lot of time customizing it!

      (Also note that the basic shortcodes are gone to fit standards. They may make a comeback later but as a plugin. I forgot to mention this in my post, but updated it now)

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