Restructuring theme names for Agnar and Magaziner

As of yesterday there are no more 3 different version of Magaziner, and 2 different versions of Agnar. The reason for these different themes under the same name was ThemeForest. As I no longer use TF, I am free to separate the themes again as was intended from the beginning.

From now on, Agnar v1 is named Readspec, Magaziner v1 is named Squareread and Magaziner v2 is named Featureon. They are no longer bundled together and are sold as separate themes. Agnar v2 is now simply Agnar, and Magaziner v3 is now Magaziner.

To summarize, what before was 2 themes with different versions is now 5 themes, each with its own name – which is much more logical and easy for me to maintain.

If you bought a bundle, you get access to the “new” themes right away. Got any questions about this? Drop a comment below or contact me in other ways.

Written by:Alexander Agnarson

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