A work in progress: Updating all themes’ menus

(Updated 2020-08-27: Now complete. If you are experiencing issues with the update, read more below.)

I’m currently working to update all themes’ menu base, which has not been touched since 2013. The new update comes with a11y-friendly code. It also supports keyboard navigation (expanding dropdowns) and many other neat features.

The mobile menu now has nice transitions and collapsed sub-menus that can be expanded level-by-level.

The whole update takes quite a while to do for each theme, as the menus look has to be remade from the ground up, styling options needs to be remade too, and in some cases, dark mode needs additional menu styling.

The menu update is made possible thanks to Ari Stathopoulos, who wrote the rock-solid code base.

Update 2020-08-19: All 14 free themes are now updated to the new menu.

Update 2020-08-27: All 11 premium themes are now updated to the new menu.

If you are having issues with the new update, do the following:

  1. Update your header.php and footer.php of your child theme to the latest from the new version of the parent theme.
  2. Clear/purge WP site cache
  3. Force-refresh the page by pressing CTRL+F5 once or twice in the web browser.

Hope you enjoy the updates!

Written by:Alexander Agnarson

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