Restructuring theme names for Agnar and Magaziner

As of yesterday there are no more 3 different version of Magaziner, and 2 different versions of Agnar. The reason for these different themes under the same name was ThemeForest. As I no longer use TF, I am free to separate the themes again as was intended from the beginning.

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A note for existing ThemeForest customers

If you are a customer of any of the premium themes here, but bought the theme(s) via themeforest, I have a special deal for you to get into the new system of support, downloads and updates here on

Just send me a message via the Support > Contact page and I will give you a great discount on your first purchase on this website.

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All themes updated to Kirki 3.0.45 and Font Awesome 5.12.1

All premium and free themes have been updated to the latest versions of Kirki and Font Awesome. The update is now available for download in your website’s WordPress dashboard. The update also contains a small fix for the comment box checkbox to align properly with the text beside it.

If you are experiencing any issues with the auto updates for your premium theme, please report it in the comments below or in the support forums.

Updating all themes to Font Awesome 5.9.0

I’m currently going through the time-taking process of updating all themes from Font Awesome 4.7.0 to 5.9.0. A ton of changes are needed for each theme, so it will take a while. The current status is that Gridzone, Minimer, Readline, Stylizer, Curver and Boxstyle are finished and now running FA 5.

Stay tuned as I work through all the rest of the themes.

Update:(2019-07-29) All 12 free themes are now using FA 5.9.0.

Update 2:(2019-07-30) All premium themes updated as well.