Tools for updating premium themes and taking care of your widgets

When updating your premium theme, you might have noticed that no alert appears in the WordPress admin panel when a new version is available, as it does with the free themes from To update your theme(s) without problem, I suggest that you give the following plugins a try. This is instead of going through the procedure of deleting the theme and re-uploading it, with the risk of losing settings.

There is one more area in which you risk losing your settings when updating – your widgets. There is another useful plugin you can use to export/import widgets if that happens.

I hope these 3 plugins can help you when you update your theme. Happy updating!

Alx Extensions plugin has been updated

Due to the requirements of themes, some features that were in the free themes have now been moved to the companion plugin instead.

From now on the Alx Extensions plugin includes the following:

  • The social share links. Can be turned on/off in Customize > Theme Extensions > Social Share
  • The upscaling of thumbnail images function. Can be turned on/off in Customize > Theme Extensions > Image Upscale
  • Custom sidebars creation. Can be found in Customize > Theme Extensions > Custom Sidebars
  • Custom meta boxes for post formats (still requires the Meta Box plugin as well to show the fields)

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Kontrast is now available on

Another of my free themes is now available on! This time it’s Kontrast and you can download, review or ask for support right here. This means that from now on updates for the theme will appear right in your WordPress dashboard, and be one click away. Now on to the next theme!