All themes compatible with WordPress 5.9

So far there have been zero issues reported with WordPress 5.9. If you’ve found any, please report it in the theme’s support forums or leave a comment here on this news post.

Kirki customizer framework will be updated to version 4.0 for all themes as soon as it is released, which should be within a week or two.

Write a review of a premium theme here on

Interested in writing a theme review? Do you like the premium theme you use and want to share it here with others? You can now do so by simply mailing me ( Your review may appear on the frontpage, pricing page or theme page.

(A note for all free theme users: If you write a review on for your theme, it may be included on the website as well.)

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Restructuring theme names for Agnar and Magaziner

As of yesterday there are no more 3 different version of Magaziner, and 2 different versions of Agnar. The reason for these different themes under the same name was ThemeForest. As I no longer use TF, I am free to separate the themes again as was intended from the beginning.

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A note for existing ThemeForest customers

If you are a customer of any of the premium themes here, but bought the theme(s) via themeforest, I have a special deal for you to get into the new system of support, downloads and updates here on

Just send me a message via the Support > Contact page and I will give you a great discount on your first purchase on this website.

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Alx Extensions plugin has been updated

Due to the requirements of themes, some features that were in the free themes have now been moved to the companion plugin instead.

From now on the Alx Extensions plugin includes the following:

  • The social share links. Can be turned on/off in Customize > Theme Extensions > Social Share
  • The upscaling of thumbnail images function. Can be turned on/off in Customize > Theme Extensions > Image Upscale
  • Custom sidebars creation. Can be found in Customize > Theme Extensions > Custom Sidebars
  • Custom meta boxes for post formats (still requires the Meta Box plugin as well to show the fields)

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