Kontrast is now available on wordpress.org

Another of my free themes is now available on wordpress.org! This time it’s Kontrast and you can download, review or ask for support right here. This means that from now on updates for the theme will appear right in your WordPress dashboard, and be one click away. Now on to the next theme!

Typecore is now available on wordpress.org

After a thorough code review by acosmin, Typecore is now available as theme on wordpress.org!  As a result of the code review, all of my 13 themes have now had their code updated to wordpress.org-standard. The 5 remaining free themes will soon hopefully make it to wordpress.org as well – one down, five to go!

From now on, theme updates for Typecore will appear in your WordPress dashboard once available, and be one click away.

Feel free to drop by and leave a theme review here. Or, if you have any support question, the theme now has a dedicated forum section where you can ask about stuff.

Move complete for all premium and free themes

I’ve now completed the move of theme options to the WordPress live customizer for all 12 themes. The structure in the live customizer is similar to the one used before, and you access the options under the “Customize > Theme Options” panel. Please read the post prior to this for important information regarding the update.

Happy new year!

Moving to the live customizer

As OptionTree has not been updated for 2 years, and more and more move away from a theme admin panel to the WordPress live customizer, I’ve decided to do the same with all of my themes. Thanks to Kirki and Aristeides Stathopoulos this is possible. All free themes are as of today already running the updated code with the live customizer, so go ahead and try it out!

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Hueman finds a new home

Hueman theme development is changing! Nicolas of presscustomizr, who made the well-known Customizr theme, is taking over the development of Hueman. This is a well-timed change as wordpress.org now requires theme options to be in the Customizer panel only – an area Nicolas knows well.

2 years of updates, 750 000 downloads, 70 000+ active theme installations and 411 5-star reviews makes Hueman the second most/best reviewed theme on wordpress.org, only behind Customizr. That is something to be proud of!

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