Additional Info

Extra information that you may find useful.

Font Awesome (icon) issues?

If you have trouble with Font Awesome showing strange characters instead of icons, you are most likely using a CDN or external host in some way for the font files. Certain browsers may have issues with that, as they follow certain web standards. (Also make sure that your font files were uploaded correctly, and empty caches)

This can be fixed with for example this sample .htaccess file from MaxCDN. If you wish to read more about this, it relates to CORS headers.

Wrong Facebook thumbnails?

If your shared posts show wrong thumbnails on social networks, see the Facebook Thumb Fixer plugin below.

Useful plugins

Many common problems or missing features can usually be solved with plugins. Here is a list of some great ones.

Recommended theme editing software

  • Firefox – The web browser of choice for me, although there are many good ones
  • PoEdit – Translate your theme. Read how to translate here.
  • Notepad++ – A great text editor to modify theme code
  • FileZilla – Modify or upload theme files via FTP

Link resources

Learn more and ask about WordPress’ standard features. WordPress is in itself an extremely well-documented open platform. It is recommended to search for answers via Google / DuckDuckGo first if you have questions – it almost always give useful information or at least point you in the right direction.