Q: My social links doesn’t appear even though I’ve added them, why?

A: Make sure that you fill in the right icon name. It has to start with “fa-“. Examples: fa-facebook, fa-twitter, fa-rss. All icon names can be found here. All of the themes use Font Awesome 4.7.0

Q: My old thumbnails have different sizes, why?

A: Thumbnails uploaded before changing theme will not be automatically re-cropped. To fix this, you need to run the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin once.

Q: I did not use featured images before and have many posts, what do I do?

A: Use the Easy Add Thumbnail plugin to automatically make the first image uploaded to each post a featured image.

Q: Why is my featured image not appearing on the single post page?

A: You need to use the “Image” format option for it to show up, as not everyone wants to show the featured image at the top for the “Standard” post format.

Q: My gallery format post shows images twice, why?

A: This is because you insert a standard gallery into the post itself. This is not needed, as the gallery format post will auto-display attached images in the slider above.

Q: My slider gallery includes images I only want to show in the content below

A: The gallery format will always show all attached images. For it to not show up, go to Media > Add New and upload it there. Then go back to the post and add it.