Import Demo Content

If you want a base similar to the demo site to work on and edit, this is how you import it. Note that demo content is only available for the premium themes at this time.

Before importing

If your site is not a fresh install with no content, but has existing content and pages on it already, it is important to remember that this file will add a lot of pages, posts, categories and tags (and media if you choose to import that) to your site, that you will have to edit or remove after importing.


  1. Go to Tools > Import in the WordPress menu
  2. Click on the WordPress link
  3. Install the plugin it asks for and activate, if you haven’t already installed it.
  4. Now you should see a select file button on the Tools > Import > WordPress page.
  5. Upload the .XML data file, located in the resources folder of your theme package zip file. Choose if you want to import media or not (images).
  6. Wait for the import process to finish. When it’s finished it will say so.
  7. Go to Appearance > Menus and add the menu areas to for example header.
  8. Go to Appearance > Widgets and add some widgets to your sidebars.

Your page should now look similar to the demo page.