Unique card design

    Stand out from the rest with a unique layout and colorful card design.

    Blocks support

    This theme is flexible and has full support for alignwide and alignfull Gutenberg blocks.

    13 Responses

    1. To-let in BD says:

      Can I use it for apartment listing?

    2. Latesttelly says:

      Hi like the theme. Will check out the premium versions.my wesite is https://latesttelly.com

    3. UberLerd says:

      Is it possible to have the homepage automatically load embedded videos so that they can be played without the need to first click the post itself?

    4. Kim Koch says:

      Hi, just have a problem – cant find a solution to show the postimage on single post page above the title. in the single.php is this:

      so i’m not a prof, but in the demo version it has to show the single post image there right? where is the problem? so see if the “media” works on the singlepost page i put this css in the editor: .entry-media {

      min-height: 250px;


      now it shows a black bar but not the postimage.

      can you help?

      second: can i have another view of the postpage? maybe 2 or 3 posts side by side?


      The page I need help with: https://www.die-medienfrau.de/subdomain/2019/06/13/bund-und-land-entschlossen-fuer-wasserstoff-region/

    5. Diane says:

      Hello! Is there a way to display the cards on two columns? Thank you!

      • Alexander Agnarson says:

        Currently no, there is no such option. You would need to add your own custom code and styles to do that.

        • Diane says:

          Thanks for your reply and the hard work. I modified the css and managed to use a two-column layout. I could also use a second sidebar, on the right. Is there any way to achieve this?

    6. Genesis says:

      Hello, I have a question about this theme. Is is possible to have the menu items open to the right rather than down as they do now? In terms of UX, it might make it easier to navigate if it the menu items open to the right since its a hover menu.

      • Alexander Agnarson says:

        Try adding this as additional css:

        @media only screen and (min-width: 720px) {
        #nav-header .nav > li > ul { left: 200px; top: 10px; }

        If you have more questions, please use the support forums instead.

    7. Mitch says:

      Hi, I noticed the social links section isn’t displaying in the live demo (and I can’t get it to work on my website), yet it appears in your screenshot. Is this an issue or am I likely doing something wrong?

      • Alexander Agnarson says:

        Hi Mitch! The social icons are working fine for me on the demo. How does it look on your computer? If you can, please create a thread on the support forums instead. I see the GitHub icon on your website too.

    8. monica says:

      Hello I have a question, I downloaded this theme for my blog and I would like to know hot to add the pictures for each post so thta it can be seen before opening the post.`

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